Top Gay Dating Websites 2020

Top Gay Dating Websites 2020

According to a recent survey, nearly 90% percent of gay men are single and either in search of a committed relationship or open to the idea. Online dating is the most convenient and easiest way for all these gay singles to find what they're looking for – a dependable life partner or a person to casually have fun with. The key to success is being upfront about your outlook and connecting with someone who shares it.


Whether you go online or meet new people offline, gay dating is a very special thing. It's both easier and trickier than approaching people in real life. Chatting with a guy online takes no effort, but even if you seem to get along great, taking your relationship to the offline level may feel rather awkward. Nonetheless, online dating mail order bride has quite a few advantages for single gay men.


Advantages Of Gay Dating Websites


Making a new acquaintance can be very stressful in real life, especially to gay men who are not out to everyone. Online dating is a highly reliable and safe option for finding a suitable person to start a relationship with. Many people are of the opinion that it's best to make the first move in real life, but it's difficult to know if the man you admire is gay or bisexual. Online dating has many benefits for gay singles. In this day and age, modern technologies provide powerful tools for connecting with people for romance purposes.


  • You can filter the user profiles and be sure everyone you're looking at is gay.

  • You can browse a huge number of profiles and sort them by any criteria that reflects your preferences.

  • Once you state what kind of relationship or sexual activity you're looking for, you'll quickly find like-minded people.

  • A rejection online hurts less than in real life.

  • You can chat and flirt with multiple guys at the same time until you decide which one of them is the best match for you.


Once you decide to give online dating a try, a crucial step is to find a website that can cater to your needs and desires. Below is our list of respectable and reputed dating websites that have extensive options for gay singles.


Top-5 Dating Sites For Gays


  • EliteSingles. This website is the optimal choice for those gay singles who are searching for a well-educated and cultured partner. Statistically, 4 out of 5 users of EliteSingles holds a college degree – anything from a bachelor's to a doctorate. Unlike other online dating portals, this site cannot boast of a huge user base. It's visited by approximately 300,000 people a month. However, EliteSingles takes pride in the success rate of its matches: every month, approximately 2,500 single people find dates and relationships with its help.


  • AdultFriendFinder. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, this website is more suitable for gay singles who are looking for casual fun. One of its main advantages is the massive user base that exceeds 75 million users, with a significant share of gay daters. The portal maintains a laid-back, sexy atmosphere to make your experience of meeting a gay partner as comfortable as possible. Although it caters to single gay men looking for various hookup scenarios, you'll find plenty of gay singles looking to start a committed relationship. The membership pricing is extremely affordable, while free trials allow you to look for gay singles in your area without committing to a subscription.


  • In addition to being the world's largest online dating portal, this website has a very extensive and lively gay dating community. receives nearly 14 million visitors a month. Among users that hold a paid membership, over 1 million are gay men. The website boasts of immaculate reputation, a remarkably welcoming atmosphere, and a broad range of features that improve its usability and convenience for all categories of members. Statistically speaking, has produced more fun dates, casual meet-ups, long-lasting friendships, committed relationships, and happy marriages than any other online dating portal. Create a profile for free to get access to its extensive user base and find your date or committed partner.


  • FriendFinder-X. One of the best websites for gay singles and couples that are looking to enrich their sex life. The user base is beyond impressive: the portal gets over 12 million visitors every month. You'll certainly find a partner or partners for any sexual activities of your preference: cybersex, casual ONS encounters, threesomes and foursomes, swinging, affairs, BDSM and other kinks. Once you sign up (which is completely free), you'll be given the options to sort the available profiles of gay singles by many criteria. It's easy to find a suitable partner who will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled sexually.


  • eHarmony. Rivaling in terms of user base and success rate, eHarmony created a separate dating website targeted at gay singles: CompatiblePartners. It has all the features and options you would expect from a leader in the online dating industry. The process of match-making is streamlined and optimized. When signing up, you are asked to complete an extensive compatibility test, which is why the registration process may take up to 60 minutes. But it's entirely worth the hassle, as your test results will enable eHarmony to search through other gay singles' profiles and find the people that are likely to be a perfect match.

How To Choose A Gay Dating Website


  • Look through user reviews. An easy and effective way to find out about the pros and cons of a particular dating website is to read the reviews left by satisfied (or aggravated) users. Any search engine will help you find such reviews that will give you a clear idea of how reliable and convenient the particular dating website is. Pay attention to details that cover usability, sign-up procedures, subscription prices, services and features, safety and privacy.


  • Give preference to sites specializing in gay dating. It is the best option to use a website that is designed for gay men or LGBT people. This is a fool-proof way to ensure the men you meet are not straight. This alleviates a lot of stress and excludes the possibility of an awkward misunderstanding. You'll feel confident about messaging new people, knowing they are also looking for a same-sex hookup or relationship. In addition, your own profile will receive more attention on a specialized gay dating website.


  • Select the dating website according to your goals. Before you go online and flirt with new people, think about the final goal of your search. Are you looking for a one-night stand? Do you need a friend with benefits? Do you prefer to date casually without making big commitments? Are you ready to settle down in a serious relationship that can potentially lead to marriage? Once you determine your goals, it will be easier to choose an appropriate website and sort the available profiles of gay singles by this criterion.


  • Consider paid sites for extra safety. Many platforms offer a free online gay dating experience. However, paid dating websites are known to provide a higher level of safety and better service quality. Gay singles that hold a paid membership are often more adequate – they know what they're looking for, and you are unlikely to get scammed, deceived or catfished. A paid gay dating website is simply a more reliable and trustworthy option.


Advice On Meeting Gay Singles Online


  • Use several high-quality pictures. Adding bright and appealing photos to your profile is crucial to your success in online gay dating. Your selection should include a few pictures that show your face (selfies are acceptable) as well as full-height photographs. Online upload pictures where you are alone, otherwise it may lead to confusion.


  • Exercise initiative – message them first! Your goal is to find a partner or a date – so make sure you take an active approach. Don't worry about appearing clingy, as it's nearly impossible on a website created specifically to help people connect romantically. If you message everyone you like first, your chances of finding a good match increase several-fold. After all, you lose nothing even if the guy does not respond.


  • Consider the option of international dating. Finding a soulmate who lives nearby is not always possible. If you're open to dating a single gay man from abroad, it significantly expands your dating pool. The long distance is an issue that is easily fixed if you have the motivation.


  • Respond actively and demonstrate your excitement. One-word replies or radio silence are not acceptable. You should do your best to support communication and keep the conversation going. Show interest in the guy, ask him questions and give answers to his questions. If you want your online boyfriend to become your real-life boyfriend, you need to get to know him really well. Show him you're interested and excited, which will motivate him to keep on chatting with you.


  • Send them meaningful yet concise messages. A page-long reply is about as bad as a one-word response. Online communication is about exchanging short meaningful messages in a fast manner. That way, it feels almost like a real-life conversation rather than an epistolary novel.


Online Gay Dating: Tips On Creating A Successful Profile


  1. Know how to present and market yourself to your audience;

  2. Have an idea of what your dream man is like visually;

  3. Your screen name should reflect your personality;

  4. One nice picture says more than a thousand words;

  5. Make sure your profile headlines are eye-catching;

  6. Be creative when filling in the bio section on your profile;

  7. Be very specific about your physical stats;

  8. List your HIV status;

  9. Specify your preferred sex roles;

  10. Mention where you prefer to meet up for the first time.


To Sum It Up


Online gay dating for single men is an exciting activity that has quite a few advantages over making a move on a stranger in real life. Selecting a trustworthy website is crucial to the success of your dating life. Various platforms specializing in gay dating have the tools to give you every opportunity to meet a fun person for one night or a reliable partner for life – whichever your goal is. Major gay dating sites even make international relationships possible, for if you're soulmates destined to be together, there is no distance that could prevent you from meeting each other.